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Training Groups


Absolute Beginners Group/New to Runners

You have just done a bit over 3 hours for the London Marathon then decided it was high time that you turned the TV off and did something a little more energetic instead.  After all, those 1000's of runners on TV seem to be having a good time! There is a morbid curiosity there in the back of your mind wondering whether you are capable but the thought of putting on a pair of shorts and trainers - let alone a running vest or indeed entering a race  - fills you with fear and you break out into a cold sweat. How do I start such a thing? - I don't want to do it all by myself!  I don't want to be seen in public! are thoughts which fill your mind.  Don't worry! Biddulph Running Club runs  a course called New to Running several times a year.  It's a 6 week course organised by a qualified running leader and designed to get you from zero to 5k in about 6 weeks.    Details of these courses are posted in advance on the BRC website and on flyers on notice boards in Biddulph Valley Leisure Centre,  local supermarkets and libraries. 

Note this group is only populated during a N2R course.
You will probably be running/walking at  ~ 12-13 minute mile pace!


425 group  

425 runs are distances of 4 to 5 miles, based on the published club routes. 

If you are now a little more confident, having graduated from a new to running course, or already have a basic level of fitness and are able to run around 4 miles, then lace up your trainers and join this group.  This is the perfect stepping stone for you to build up your fitness and confidence to the longer club runs while enjoying the company and having a chat with like minded people on the way.  10k and beyond will soon be a realistic target.

 You will probably be running at about 10 minute mile pace!


Improvers Group

You may have already done some running before or progressed from the 425 group as your fitness levels improve. Thoughts of entering a race are now getting stronger and your fellow runners in the Improvers group are probably encouraging you to do so. The routes taken by the Improvers Group are pretty much the same as those of the next levels up with mustering points designated on the route maps although the group leader may decide that some of the [blue trace] shortcuts are in order for a particular run. See route maps for short-cut details.


These runs will be longer than those of 425 group - you will be looking at 45-55 minutes on feet perhaps a little longer in summer when the off-road routes are the norm.

You will probably be running about 9.5 - 10 minute mile pace!

Intermediate Group

This group will up the tempo  from the Improvers group.  The runs will probably be up to an hour on feet - maybe a little more in summer.  You will probably even own a pair of off-road running shoes by now - such is your enthusiasm. Routes will pretty much cover the full distance as described on the standard route maps - without taking many 'shortcuts'.  Expect to break out in a sweat and require a little time to catch your breath after pushing on up some of those hills around Biddulph.  Mustering at and from mustering points is still done.
You will probably be running about 8 - 9.5 minute mile pace!


Fast  Group

This bunch can be a bit competitive - pushing each other on to ever faster times for a particular route or part thereof.  Mustering at designated points is still done as before but there probably isn't much energy or time left over  for discussing who's been eliminated from SCD or X-factor as there is running to be done and pace to keep up! Expect to do full routes as designated on the maps - on occasion 'extras' may be thrown in - especially if the weather is good!
You will probably be running about 6.5-8 minute mile pace!


Note that there will inevitably be overlap between groups.  The main aim of all of this is to have fun, maintain and/or improve fitness whilst sharing that delight with fellow runners ......

Good Running ALL!