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Race Reports 2016




The first surprise, and should have been a warning of what was to follow, was the kit check at check-in. I wanted to have a nice run through the hills followed by cake, instead there was a pre-race equipment check and some very serious looking runners. Fortunately, all I was missing was a hat and gloves. Unfortunately, I only had my ‘wrap up warm and walk around the shops’ hat and gloves that I found in the back of my car - they didn’t match my running colours and were too heavy.

Set amongst the stunning hills of Diggle and Marsden the views across the 10-mile route were spectacular, however being a fell race across rough tracks, wet slate slabs, mud, snow covered steps and streams, most of the time was spent looking about 4 feet in front. Over the course of the race I saw my trainers go from clean, to muddy, to washed clean from wadding through a stream, to ankles and feet have turned brown and finally clean-ish from lots of puddles. Good times.

The route itself started with a steady 2 miles of climb followed by several miles of undulation and a final 1 ˝ downhill to the cake. Apparently the total elevation for the race is around 1,700 feet, I can believe it.

The race was well attended with over 230 runners and extremely well supported with marshals at regular intervals along the route. Weather varied from warm enough to run with just a short sleeve top (so I carried the water proof top) to hail and thunder so wearing water proof, hat, gloves and my ever useful snood around exposed part of the face. With my uncoordinated and non-running hat & gloves on, I must have looked quite a sight. The temperature also dropped and my knees went numb – this was actually a blessing :).

From a field of 229 finishers I came 193rd, with a time of 2:02, not spectacular but I did smile (most) of the way around, I have every intention of doing this next year and if anyone wants to join me then I’ll happily drive. Oh and the cake was very nice!